Hello. I am active as a vocalist, songwriter, sound artist and vocal facilitator.

The act of listening and reacting is the main focus of my medium. Whether working on my musical pieces, sound sculptures or drawings, channelling the means of expression to a moment frees me from formal conceptualization serving to remind, interpret or renew what is already there—the everyday, the commonplace—and the extraordinary hidden within. The notion of process supersedes product - the act of relating and paying attention to ‘working of the work’ becomes a piece itself.


I am interested in capturing and reinventing sounds, graphical material or constellations of words brought to life by a disconnect from the mental process. That disconnect is to be obtained through an intense engagement with a moment, site, object, idea or another person regardless of their social context or presumptive significance. This why the everyday and seemingly mundane often takes centre-stage in my work.

I graduated from Vocal Department at the Fryderyk Chopin School of Music in Warsaw (2010) and from Musicology Institute at Warsaw University with an M.A. (2013).  Currently, as part of MA studies at dBs Music Institute Berlin, I am carrying out artistic practice-based research which explores the idiosyncrasy of the blend between songwriting and free improvisation. 

contact: maja.olenderek A T gmail dot com