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Hello. Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Maja and I am active as a vocalist, music supervisor, songwriter, sound artist and vocal facilitator. 


Song used to be my main medium for years - to explore, to celebrate the act of giving voice to melodies and words is what I always understood as my musical comfort zone.


Stepping out of it recently made me interested in creations that can be brought to life by disconnecting from mental processes. Channelling the means of expression to a moment frees from product-oriented, formal conceptualization. It serves to remind, interpret or renew what is already here. This is why the everyday and seemingly mundane often takes centre-stage in my current productions.


I graduated from Vocal Department at the Fryderyk Chopin School of Music in Warsaw (2010) and from Musicology Institute at Warsaw University with an M.A. (2013).  Currently, as part of MA studies at dBs Music Institute Berlin, I am carrying out artistic practice-based research which explores the idiosyncrasy of the blend between songwriting and free improvisation. 


Outside of the music/art spectrum, I am good at automating things.

contact: maja.olenderek A T gmail dot com

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