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Ad libitum was created in collaboration with photographer, media artist and dear friend Paulina Gedymin It consists of a series of photographs with soundscapes and a video installation exhibited in late 2019 in Fundação D. Luís I in Cascais in Portugal. 


The main subject is domestic textiles which are an indispensable part of Lisbon’s urban landscape where lines of colourful miscellaneous laundry can be found on every corner of the city. These fabrics form a great variety of unusual and ever-changing spontaneous figures and shapes however their choreography seems to be trammelled by ropes.


Ad libitum proposes a parallel non-documentary adaptation of the story told by these artefacts consisting of both visual and sound elements. The work emerged from staging the fabrics outside of the city in a natural environment and capturing their behaviour once freed from the entanglement. 


Soundscapes, combining field recordings, violin derived sounds and voice, were created on location in response to real-time observation of the relationship the materials established with the new space.

[photograps and video by Paulina Gedymin]

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